If you criticality analyze the articles i have been writing, you may find that i have been emphasizing on love as one of the things that make up life. Its so petty to loose the one you love because of some things that seem to possess him or her, like alcohol, gambling or anything. Things can still be changed my dear but thats if you want to. Spells are used mainly to bring harmony and blessings into people’s lives but not to take or loose what you have.
I would insist that you contact a professional caster to help you out and settle your love and relationships issues.

Love Healing Charms:-

Heart breaks can make some one to feel like killing your self or some times it may cause brain trauma which creates deserts in your life and what ever you do. Wait...., would you like to get back with your partner or forget about him or her. The thing is very clear and the option is yours, which brings me to the point of saying that the powers are within you.
You have the powers to end the endless cries and envy you have upon that person.  With the great powers assigned unto me by the great gods of the universe and earth, i will heal, and amend your heart within just 2hrs everything will be settled.
Bring back your partner into your life within 24hrs is just a walkover to me.
If you are going through all this i have great plans for you